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Country Acres Animal Shelter is a 501C(3) not for profit animal shelter. Country Acres Animal Shelter was established in 2009 to provide the care for the stray animals that became available for adoption after their redemption period from Country Acres Pet Services. Country Acres Pet Services has provided dog control for several Towns and Villages since 1979.

Country Acres Animal Shelter established the Tobias Fund in 2009 after picking up a Rottweiler named Toby in the Town of Cuyler that had been hit by a car and needed immediate orthopedic surgery. His disposition stole their hearts and they knew they needed to do something for him. With limited funds they decided to act fast and put together a bottle and can drive. Thanks to shelter staff and a very generous volunteer the funds were available for the surgery. At this point they decided that they would plan ahead and establish a fund to help with special dogs needing extra care. They have a few fundraisers throughout the year to keep this fund available. They have been able to have senior dogs receive dental care before adoption, provide extra medical care for dogs injured by cars and anything that is medically needed for a dog to better suit them for adoption.

Annie was an Appaloosa who was being harbored in a very small pen in a one car garage. She and another horse were in very poor conditions with no food or water. Annie was rehabilitated at our facility and put into a new permanent home. Annie’s Fund helps abused and unwanted large animals that may come into our facility or foster homes get medical attention and other needs necessary to place them into new homes.

When a companion passes on to the Spirit World, Groton City Animal Hospital makes a contribution to either the Tobias Fund or the Annie Fund in memory of the loved one that passed.

All contributions go directly to the animals.

For more details if you are interested in donating to Country Acres either monetarily or donating needed items, please visit their website:


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