Alpaca & Llama Services

The veterinarians of the Groton City Animal Hospital provide both routine and emergency medical and surgical care for camelids. Both Dr. Baxendell and Dr. Dart have a particular interest in caring for these animals and have taken the initiative to pursue additional training in camelid medicine and surgery. Our hospital offers both ambulatory care and limited in-patient care. Our practice currently offers the following services for camelids:
• Herd management consultations in areas such as vaccinations, deworming, routine diagnostics and herd screening such as internal parasite control, BVD testing and other blood screening.
• Reproductive services – diagnostic ultrasounds for pregnancy and infertility and treatments such as uterine infusions and hormone manipulation.
• Routine surgeries such as castration and hernia repair done on farm.
• Dental care such as trimming fighting teeth and trimming incisors.
• Radiographic services provided on farm or in-house.
• IgG testing for crias to evaluate immunity transfer from colostrum as well as being able to treat crias with Failure of Passive Transfer (FPT).

The doctors at the Groton City Animal Hospital feel that client education is as important as the medical and surgical care that we provide. Our practice is based on providing exceptional wellness care with client communication as the foundation for this. Our doctors are available for both scheduled appointments and, through our 24 hour answering service, for emergency care after hours and on weekends.


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